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What does Softdrive mean and how did Scott come up with the name?

There's not a specific meaning behind the name "Softdrive" but Scott did come up with it during a brainstorm session in his Burbank studio.


Does Scott Weiland really own Softdrive Records?

Scott Weiland is President and CEO of Softdrive Records.


Is/does Softdrive looking/accept for new talent/demos?

Currently Softdrive is focusing on the upcoming 2009 releases, but our ears are always open.


How does one submit a demo?

Unfortunately, at this time, Softdrive Records does not accept unsolicited demos.


How do I become part of the SDR Street Team?

The Softdrive Street Team is comprised of super fans who want to support Softdrive Records and their awesome musicians! As a result, these super-fans get special offers and sneak-peeks into the Softdrive world. To sign up for the Softdrive Records Street Team head to the Street Team page on the Softdrive Website and simply sign up! You will be automatically entered into the street team data-base and will begin receiving updates immediately. Additionally Softdrive Records works with Gen79 to build artist-specific Street Teams. Gen79 Street Teamers get additional opportunities which are ONLY available to Gen79 reps. So to increase your efforts and your rewards, sign up for both the SDR Street Team and the Gen79 Street Team!


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