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Softdrive Records was created in 2006 by Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver) and is headed up by Weiland’s long-time manager and business partner, Dana Dufine as General Manager along with his producer partner Doug Grean.

Softdrive’s artists have all the grassroots benefits of an indie label as well as accessibility to the larger major label system (Sony/ RED Distribution and New West Records).

Scott Weiland on Softdrive Records: Softdrive Records has been both a labor of love and a full-on labor since I conceived of it in 2000. First born as Lavish Records and working in the capacity of a production label, we were able to attract a lot of young talent and hone our skills as producers, making records for next to nothing, since that’s what our budget allowed (nothing). Despite our limited budged, we never skimped on sonic quality, song quality, and overall production value, since a lot of the money that Doug and I made through the production label went to buy the best recording gear - from the classic 1970’s Neve Studer tape machine, to the most modern Pro Tools plugins and keyboards available.

Softdrive is not just an independent label fronted by a rock star. It is an independently operated record company, recording studio, and production house for all styles, including a hip-hop room, rehearsal room, and performance stage for showcases and/or filming of videos.

All of this technical stuff aside, Softdrive is more than the sum of it’s parts. Between the ages of 16-22, I devoted my life to my bands, my music, and a dream to make records and to simply make a living. This was my goal, anything else would have been a bonus. Of course my story is one of the more fortunate and “colorful” ones that exist – hopefully our artists will enjoy some of that same fortune, with a little less emphasis on color!

But what we represent is this idea. Everything starts with a dream. After everything that I have done on this side of the playing field, I feel like I want to make records now for other people and help facilitate their dreams. I love every kind of music, from rock, country, urban, emo, to “dreamo”, not to mention bossa nova, anybody who can rock that shit… I’ll pick up the check. – Scott Weiland


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